5 Simple Statements About house Explained

sell - persuade anyone to simply accept some thing; "The French try to sell us their impression as terrific fans"

A father recounts to his kids, through a series of flashbacks, the journey he and his four greatest mates took main approximately him Conference their mom.

twelve. (Banking & Finance) finance to sell securities or items without having possessing them in anticipation of buying them just before supply at a cheaper price

be - have the standard of being; (copula, employed with the adjective or possibly a predicate noun); "John is rich"; "This isn't a fantastic answer"

The workforce functions to save somebody near to a central character's coronary heart. The key is inside of House's head, but he is in a bad way himself.

vb: pret, ptp vt merchandise, merchandise → verkaufen (sb sth, sth to sb jdm etw, etw an jdn); insurance policies coverage → abschließen (to mit); (business enterprise) items → verkaufen, absetzen; I was marketed this in Valencia → man hat mir das in Valencia verkauft; the reserve offered three,000 copies → von dem Buch wurden 3.000 Exemplare verkauft; he could sell a fridge to an Eskimo → er könnte einem Eskimo einen Eisschrank andrehen (inf) → or aufschwatzen (inf); to sell insurance plan (to get a living) → Versicherungsvertreter(in) m(f) → sein; to sell a person’s existence dearly → sein Leben teuer verkaufen; he bought himself towards the enemy → er hat sich an den Feind verkauft; to sell one particular’s body → seinen Körper verkaufen; to sell one’s soul to any individual/a little something → jdm/einer Sache seine Seele verschreiben; modern day person has bought his soul → der moderne Mensch hat seine Seele verloren; what are you selling it for?

Just url it in your listing and your consumer will mail The cash to this account. Be patient, because it may perhaps acquire somewhat time in your purchaser to deliver payment after order. If you do not have a single nevertheless, it's easy to put in place a PayPal account.

one. (occasionally with of) to sell all of a thing. We offered out our whole inventory. verkoop يبيعُ كُل ما لَدَيْهِ، يُنَفِّق разпродавам vender tudo vyprodat ausverkaufen sælge ud; realisere πουλώ Check This Out όλο το εμπόρευμά μου liquidar ära müüma همه موجودي را به فروش رساندن myydä loppuun liquider מְכִירַת חִיסוּל समूचा बेच देना prodati sve kiárusít menjual habis selja allt upp; losa sig við vendere 売り切る 정리하다 išparduoti izpārdot (visu) menjual habis uitverkopenselge ut wyprzedać cały zapas !

to betray. The gang was bought down the river by amongst its associates. verraai يَخون предавам (някого) trair zradit verraten forråde προδίδωtraicionar petma خيانت كردن pettää trahir לִהיוֹת נִבגָד गद्दारी करना izdati átejt vkit mengkhianati svíkja tradire 裏切る 배신하다 išduoti nodot membelot bedriegenforråde zdradzać خیانت her response کول Find Out More trair a trăda предать zradiť izdati izdati fileörråda ทรยศ kalleşlik/kancıklık etmek 出賣 зраджувати غداری کرنا phản bội ai 出卖

two. (= particular person) the owner appeared somewhat reluctant to sell → parecía que el dueño estaba un poco reacio a vender

To be obtained for a retail merchandise by a buyer: The garments are in the store, but they aren't selling by way of.

It won't Charge a issue to checklist as many as fifty objects a month, and you only pay after your things sells. It is just a small p.c of The cash you receive.

Optional listing upgrade fees and payment processing expenses may utilize. Some types are excluded from the 50 no cost month to month listings. Ultimate value costs range by class. Learn more about eBay fees

Let's listen to your proposal. You've ten minutes to sell it to me → J'écoute votre proposition. Vous avez dix minutes pour me la vendre.

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